Planning a Kiddie Party for the first time

Pretty sure that as parents, you are very excited about organizing and setting up a party for your kid, especially if it is your first time to do it. That is actually a normal feeling. But, do you know that as parents, you feel more excited than your kid? It does not mean that you are thinking like a kid. You are just doing your best to make your kid happy and for the party to be successful.

In fact, not only kids enjoy kiddie parties because even the parents are having fun. Especially, when the hosts already started throwing prizes for the games. The parents would love to see their kids get the prize. There are even parents, who feel bad for their kids after losing the game. Hopefully, parents and kids won’t not take the losing part too serious because the kids were just playing and having fun.

Party ideas for kids
What first timers do
If it is just your first time to host a party for your kid, then do not hesitate to ask for help. We have here a list of tips and ideas for you to consider for your kid’s birthday party.

Hire a clown
Clowns knows how to make the children laugh. They can do some magic tricks and they play with the kids. They also do funny things around. This is one way of catching the kid’s attention. So, if you can get a clown available for the party, then hire one.

Get a Mascot
Children love watching cartoons. They like watching their superheroes fighting with bad guys. And then, of course, winning the fight. Now, if you can get a mascot of superheroes, who can play and dance with the kids, then they will surely love this idea.

Kiddie Games
The best part of kiddie parties are the games. So, make sure that you have games and prizes prepared for everybody. You may let the children play games such as, Trip to Jerusalem, Paper Dance, Stop Dance, Statue Dance and Manikin Dance. The kids will surely enjoy any game because there are kids, who are also playing with them.

Balloons and Caps
Do not forget to give every child a balloon because there are kids, who cry when they can’t get one. Give the kids paper caps, too. Make sure the paper caps have different cartoon super heroes. The kids will surely keep these paper caps as their souvenirs.

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