Our Privacy Policy

We would like to inform all our readers that the MTFC has full rights to our published blogs. Our editorial staff is very strict in verifying articles submitted by our writers. We only publish original write ups. We do not intend to post copied articles. Writers or blog contributors, who are submitting articles that are not originally written by them will be disregarded. Those people will be listed on our blacklist and never be given a chance to submit articles again. We do not entertain such people.
Once counted as a blog contributor, you will be considered as part of our team and will be given a chance to post regularly on our blog issues. Your published write up will be credited under your name for you to be recognized. Regular bloggers of the MTFC website blog cannot post any write up they want. Still, the editorial board will be checking your work and will be published right after a successful verification. We are doing this to protect the website blog’s reputation and credibility.
To our valued readers, please ask for permission if you intend to copy our published blogs to your websites. We expect you to give us credit as a proof that you were given permission.