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Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Look for It Like You Mean It to Clean It

Robot Vacuum CleanerCleaning, cleaning, and cleaning! You may not be responding to that slogan unless you’re a cleaning-obsessed hygiene-o-holic. If you’re not too fond, house chores could often seem tiring when you’ve got a broom in one hand and a dustpan in the other. But nothing beats a better cleaning than an organized system that could be cost effective as well as containing good skills. People who can afford to have maids and charwomen can get their jobs done, but still, they can miss a dusty spot. Better than losing money and not-too-effective cleaning, some take the matters into their hands and take charge of the appliances that may aid their cleaning espionage. The leader of the cleaning army gets to be the vacuum cleaner. To be true, it does help a lot! But it’s always a nuisance to drag around such heavy machine and force the suction pipe into nooks and crannies.

You can’t get away with all the trouble if you want your place to be spick-and-span. For your ease, advanced technology has been incorporated into your daily-use appliances like the vacuum cleaner. The use of smart technology has produced modified and robotic versions of this gizmo. These machines have taken cleaning to a whole new level by being small, smart, fast, and effective in term of cleaning. It’s a good news for all the cleaning-o-holics out there, who want each speck of dust removed without any discomfort.

Get Your Own Robot Vacuum

If you mean cleaning, then be it! Stretch your hands far enough to get the best robotic vacuum in town. It could be tricky to find the best one unless you know what to look for in a smart vacuum cleaner. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying an advanced vacuum cleaner.

Size Matters

The size of this gadget always matters. The saying that “bigger is better” does not go well with this machine. The smaller the size, the more faster and improved cleaning. Also, don’t underestimate the cleaning power of the robotic vacuum. Some advanced gizmos may offer fine cleaning despite being small; so do not worry about where all the trash is going!

Cleaning Options

It’s a fact that most of these small sized appliances guarantee better cleaning, but one might not find some other features too feasible. The reason for that is these contrivances can pick up the size of trash depending upon their design and functionality. Most cannot pick trash that is the size of a cat food pallet. Due to limited options and technicality, they are able to perform smart functions that may limit their cleaning property. So look out whenever you’re buying one.

Cleaning at Your Ease

Since these gadgets are smart enough to move around, detect dust specks, and unleash powerful cleaning, you can also have the benefit to monitor them without the slightest move. You can even control them via smartphone apps or WiFi controlled remotes.

Battery and Pricing

No wonder these appliances got smart! They can move freely towards the charger when the battery is down. Lithium ion batteries are long-lasting than any other. Make sure you find a device that supports all your fundamental requirements and comes with a good price tag. Feel lucky enough to get one and start your cleaning adventure!

Finding the right smart vacuum cleaner had never been so easy! Just google and you’ll find a list of  best vacuum cleaners at your fingertips. Want to opt for more advanced vacuum cleaners? Robot vacuums are the best choice. Go for it and cleaning would get much easier and fun!

The Art Of Refinishing Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing antique kitchen cabinets is a good way to spice up your kitchen and make it feel completely new; however, if you are going to refinish antique kitchen cabinets, realize that that? different than what you? normally do if you were going to refinish modern cabinets.

The Art Of Refinishing Antique Kitchen Cabinets

When refinishing antique kitchen cabinets to create a rustic feel, you should realize that the normal things you? do, such as strip the cabinet? surface, sand it down to the wood and apply a shiny polyurethane should NOT be done on antiques. You should always try to preserve as much of the original cabinet surface as possible, cleaning and protecting it with the same natural materials that were used when the cabinet was first designed. Also, you should never refinish priceless antiques; only refinish antiques which have rusty hinges, damaged surfaces, and such.

So, when you refinish antique kitchen cabinets, first remove all knobs, hardware and hinges from the cabinet and place them away in a good place so you don? lose any pieces. Since the ancient screws that hold things in place might be rusted. As you remove the screws, save them.After you?e gotten everything off, wash them in warm soapy water. Pat them dry and heat any hinges with a hair drier so they won? rust, even more, at the hinges joints.

If you can, remove the antique kitchen cabinets from their location on the wall, setting them in your work area.

Clean the antique kitchen cabinet? wood designs using paint thinner and a very fine steel wool, which you?l lightly buff over the entire wood? surface. If the finish is flaking, this will get rid of the dirt, grime and other things which might have built up on the cabinet? surface in the ensuing years. Since thinner can be dangerous if inhaled, make sure you place a fan at the window to pull out any fumes.

Light colored stain, or a thinned-down cherry stain, should be applied to the antique kitchen cabinets. This will pull out the beauty of the wood without destroying the current rustic finish. With a brush, start applying the stain from the top to the bottom, letting it stand on the surface for a minute before you wipe it off with a paper towel so it will show through after you?e applied it. Afterwards, let it thoroughly dry.

Finally, you can apply a coat of lacquer, refinishing the entire antique kitchen cabinet to seal the stain in, thus protecting its surface. This will protect from any heat and moisture that might come in contact with the cabinets.

If these had been normal kitchen cabinets, instead of antique kitchen cabinets, polyurethane would have been the best choice, but modern materials shouldn’t? be used on antiques. Thus, oil-based lacquer should, instead, be used. Make sure you brush it on with slow, even, brushstrokes. After letting it dry, lightly sand using 220-grit sandpaper, then the next coat will stick. Finally, apply a second coat and you?e done.

The best faucet water filter – How to find it in 3 Steps

The two most common sorts of faucet water filters are reverse osmosis filters, and carbon filters.
The best faucet water filter for most individuals is the carbon filtration sort because the reverse osmosis filtration cleans the water but also erases vital minerals.

The best faucet water filter

Step One : Installation

The best faucet water filters are easy to install. A great multi-stage activated carbon faucet filter fits effortlessly under the sink, or even on the ledge. The reason for this is that it does not require a storage tank like reverse osmosis systems do. These frameworks are regularly called „SBAC“ frameworks, which remains for „ solid block activated carbon“

Step Two: Quality

The most basic faucet water filters must filter out the chlorine, and breakdown products known as THMs or Trihalomethanes, and VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds. The Most VOCs were created since the industrial revolution when men made things like gas, pesticides and pharmaceuticals got into our water. Of course there are big differences in the quality of the products. Some water filters remove just the basic impurities like lead and chlorine. The better ones we are looking for also remove heavy metals like benzene and mercury, herbicides, pesticides, and cysts.

3 Must haves:

1) Ion Exchange that removes 99% of all traces of lead. It improves the taste and the pH level

2) Certified to remove to 0.6 microns with Sub-micron filtration to get rid of cysts and sediments

3) Last but not least we need a Dual stage granular Carbon System that removes all the chemical contaminants

Another thing you have to consider is not just how many contaminants are being removed, but also the efficiency rate of the removal. Let’s say that Filter A removes 10 contaminants with an efficiency rate of 50% and filter B removes it with 90%. Filter B is definitively the better one.

The most filters of sophisticated brands remove more than 20 contaminants with an efficiency rate that is way over 80%. It is definitively better not to go for the cheap ones; they are a waste of money.
I am looking to provide high-quality content and tips on how to solve the problem of unclean water. A low quality, low efficiency and low contaminant removing water filter is not the solution I want to give you.

Step Three: Price per Gallon

You want to determine the highest quality, lowest price ratio for your filter. You have to look at it as an investment. The best filters cost around 100 $ and not more than 10 cents per Gallon.

I wrote an honest product review of 5 of the most common filters. And ranked them according to the criteria I mentioned. I am sure that this post will help you find the right one.

How To Build Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

How does one go about building their own outdoor kitchen cabinets? If you?e mainly going to have outdoor kitchen cabinets, then you?l have to properly seal them with a polymer coating so they don? swell and be destroyed when exposed to the elements. Also, they must be made out of special kinds of wood that are designed to withstand the elements.

How To Build Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

The centerpiece of your back yard kitchen is oftentimes your grill, which can be as simple as just being a gas grill. Building your own outdoors kitchen is so popular that people spend lots of money creating an outdoor kitchen. You can create a fairly elaborate outdoor kitchen; but the main thing to keep in mind is whether or not it will be under-cover. Also, you?l have to have some sort of a roof that resists the weather; or you can plan your space under an existing roof. Consider the smoke that comes with cooking under a fire. It will have to safely be vented away; a vent hood is a good choice. Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be built out of plywood and wood to look very rustic, or you can use antiquing techniques to make them look weathered and ancient as if they?e been outside a long time. 

However, most people will wish most of the elements to be made out of stainless steel, so they?l properly resist the aging effects of weather. The best outdoor kitchen cabinets, then, as far as longevity of use and permanence goes is stock stainless steel cabinets.

Another material which can be utilized is a low maintenance product called PermaPanel, which is a polymer-based material that? molded with its color all the way through so it can? wear off.

If you create part of your kitchen outdoors, that will eliminate the need to run in and out of the house for all your kitchen needs. The new wave of outdoor kitchens is water-resistant all-weather Polymer cabinetry. Thus, the secret to having your kitchen cabinets outdoors is to properly seal them. If you already have an outside kitchen but lack storage space, outdoor kitchen cabinets are your answer. They can define the style and look of the outdoor kitchen, not just being ‘storage boxes’ as they do with your indoor kitchen.

Coming in a variety of materials and styles, outdoor kitchen cabinets are versatile. Since they?e made to stand up to the elements, you wont?have to be concerned that they?l last up when exposed to the sun, rain or snow.

Choosing the right look is what you?l be more interested in. Where should you purchase them, should you consider resurfacing ones you already have or should you start looking at ?ow to?guides? Remember that convenience is important, as well. That there will be a place for you to store all that you wish to keep outdoors, that will be of major concern when the outdoor kitchen has been completed.

If you have your cabinets installed, make sure that they are a certified Residential Contractor with at least 20 years experience. That way, you?l know that they?l be there to finish the job.

Best Cooktops

So you are looking for cooktops and you want the Best Cooktops for your kitchen. That’s what this page was created for…to help you find the best.

Best Cooktops

 To make your search for the best cooktops easier, I have done the research and will give you a review of the best gas and electric cooktops I could find. Both of these are highly rated by consumers.

Let’s start with the best-rated gas cooktop.

KitchenAid Architect Series II Gas Cooktop

The low profile grates on this, along with its great design make this to be one of the best cooktops in the gas category. It has a beautiful and desirable look that most cooktops cannot compete with.

There are three cast-iron grates that span the entire cooktop surface, which allows you to slide cookware across the top without having to lift those heavy pots and skillets. This is a really nice feature, especially when you are using that hefty cast iron cookware to cook with.

It gives you five versatile burners that will accommodate a multitude of cooking styles – from simmering to sautéing to searing. If you get one of these, you will be “cooking with gas” and enjoying it more.

Another reason this KitchenAid unit is one of the best is because of its great features:

It has automatic reignition that immediately reignites any burner if the flame goes out. It boasts 18K BTU professional dual tier burner provides versatility for varied cooking styles. This means you will have no problem with any cooking temperatures, from simmering to boiling. And the sealed burners prevent spills and drips from entering the burner box for easier cleanup.

Note: It appears that the Bosch 500 Series gas cooktop is another very good cooktop, but I could not find enough user reviews on the Bosch to give you an accurate review.

Electric Best Cooktops – Frigidaire 30 Inch

Well, I’m going to have to go with the Frigidaire for the best cooktops in the electric cooktop category. It has good reviews and a good reputation that has been around for a long time.

And this appliance looks great too!

The Frigidaire 30″ Black Smoothtop Electric Cooktop has 4 radiant ribbon elements along with a Hot Surface Indicator. The indicator light is a great feature to keep you from putting empty pots and pans on hot burners. Of course it saves on the hands and fingers too.

The removable control knobs are great for easy and thorough cleaning. The ceramic cooking surface with a nice-looking beveled edge design makes this unit a very nice visual asset for your kitchen.

One user commented in his review:

“We like this stove so much that we are going to buy another soon to put in the next house we are moving to as soon as our current home sells. I’m so delighted that this model is still available.”

Okay, there you have it for the best cooktops in the gas and electric cooktop categories. Now remember that these are just my findings, but I do hope this helps you in your search for the right cooktop for your kitchen.

Happy Shopping!