Hiring a Party Bus for the Bigger Kids

For older kids, hiring a party bus might be the answer to kill their boredom associated with the usual party ideas. For example hiring a clown or magician. So what makes hiring a party bus an attractive option when it comes to entertaining older kids aged 12 – 18. In this post we take a deeper look and summarise the main advantages below. But before we get into it, we’d like to say a big thank you to a local Perth party bus hire company who donated their time to share their side of the story. The least we could do to return the favour is to give them a shout out here in this very post. So please check out their website at http://www.perthpartybushire.com.au and say we said hi 🙂

So without further a do, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of hiring a party bus:

Party on Wheels

It is literally a big party on wheels! Think of the best party you have ever had and simply add wheels to it. Well, not quite exactly that – but you get what we’re talking about! The buses are equipped with quality sound system and an on-board DJ system. In fact, they even have a sophisticated lighting system that emit colourful lights that will guarantee to please your guests.


Being mobile means your surrounding environment is constantly changing. It also means that you get to see the whole town from the comfort of your seat. So the next time you hire a party bus, just ask the driver to do some commentary whilst driving around. You will be surprised on how talented the bus drivers are! We even heard from one of our readers here on how they discovered that the bus driver had a talent for stand up comedy. When asked how they came to that conclusion, their reply was how the guests laughed at his commentary. So go figure!

BYO Food

Most party buses will allow you to bring your own food on-board. But if you are the lazy type, don’t despair – most party buses will also provide catering. From sausage rolls to delicious slushies, they’ve got it all!

So when all is said and done. What are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour and hire a party bus for your next party!

Here’s a short footage we found on youtube of a kids party in a bus:

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