Best Cooktops

So you are looking for cooktops and you want the Best Cooktops for your kitchen. That’s what this page was created for…to help you find the best.

Best Cooktops

 To make your search for the best cooktops easier, I have done the research and will give you a review of the best gas and electric cooktops I could find. Both of these are highly rated by consumers.

Let’s start with the best-rated gas cooktop.

KitchenAid Architect Series II Gas Cooktop

The low profile grates on this, along with its great design make this to be one of the best cooktops in the gas category. It has a beautiful and desirable look that most cooktops cannot compete with.

There are three cast-iron grates that span the entire cooktop surface, which allows you to slide cookware across the top without having to lift those heavy pots and skillets. This is a really nice feature, especially when you are using that hefty cast iron cookware to cook with.

It gives you five versatile burners that will accommodate a multitude of cooking styles – from simmering to sautéing to searing. If you get one of these, you will be “cooking with gas” and enjoying it more.

Another reason this KitchenAid unit is one of the best is because of its great features:

It has automatic reignition that immediately reignites any burner if the flame goes out. It boasts 18K BTU professional dual tier burner provides versatility for varied cooking styles. This means you will have no problem with any cooking temperatures, from simmering to boiling. And the sealed burners prevent spills and drips from entering the burner box for easier cleanup.

Note: It appears that the Bosch 500 Series gas cooktop is another very good cooktop, but I could not find enough user reviews on the Bosch to give you an accurate review.

Electric Best Cooktops – Frigidaire 30 Inch

Well, I’m going to have to go with the Frigidaire for the best cooktops in the electric cooktop category. It has good reviews and a good reputation that has been around for a long time.

And this appliance looks great too!

The Frigidaire 30″ Black Smoothtop Electric Cooktop has 4 radiant ribbon elements along with a Hot Surface Indicator. The indicator light is a great feature to keep you from putting empty pots and pans on hot burners. Of course it saves on the hands and fingers too.

The removable control knobs are great for easy and thorough cleaning. The ceramic cooking surface with a nice-looking beveled edge design makes this unit a very nice visual asset for your kitchen.

One user commented in his review:

“We like this stove so much that we are going to buy another soon to put in the next house we are moving to as soon as our current home sells. I’m so delighted that this model is still available.”

Okay, there you have it for the best cooktops in the gas and electric cooktop categories. Now remember that these are just my findings, but I do hope this helps you in your search for the right cooktop for your kitchen.

Happy Shopping!

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