Using a skip bin to clean up after a party

If you are hosting a party at home, then it means that you will be facing a job after that. But, before thinking about how you are going to manage the mess after the party, you better enjoy the night. During the party, you will have a chance to know your friends better. May be they will also tag along a friend, which could be a great opportunity for acquaintances.

Since it is a party, then you will surely have foods and drinks. Most of the time, party cups and plates are used to avoid the job of washing plates. When guests get drunk or tipsy, they would not surely mind throwing those cups or living those anywhere in the house. So, pretty sure that you are expecting those situations.

When the party ends, you will be left alone and all your guests will go home. So, you need to clean up the house and make sure that everything is in order. Now, what you really need to do is to hire a skin bin because you will surely have a lot of garbage to collect and then, you need to dispose them properly. If you do not have any idea about where to find a skip bin, then go to This is where you can request for a skip bin to use. Why should you use a skip bin, anyway? Is it really necessary?

To accommodate the rubbish

After the party, you will surely have numerous empty cans as well as bottles. Both are plastic and glass, right? There would also be some paper plates, plastic cups and spoons or forks. Do you think your bin at home with a regular size can accommodate all the waste produced?

Using a garbage bag is fine, but storing it inside the house would produce bad odor and that would encourage pests to have a party, too. Now, if you have a skip bin, which would be outside the house or in an empty space, then that would be the place for your collected wastes. You just need to make sure that you will request for a size that can accommodate every garbage.

And then, you do not need to keep this skip bin for a long time because that will also encourage street dogs and rodents to play around. You have to set a schedule when the skip bin company would be collecting the bin.

The Advantage of hiring a skip bin

I know that there is a garbage collector coming to your village, but they just come when they have a schedule. What if you need to wait for a couple of days before they come, then your waste would really smell bad.

With the skip bin, removing and disposing the waste properly won’t be a problem. With such, no neighborhood would be knocking on your door to complain about your garbage, right? Therefore, hiring a skip bin is an ideal way for wastes produced after parties or any celebration at home.

Hiring a Party Bus for the Bigger Kids

For older kids, hiring a party bus might be the answer to kill their boredom associated with the usual party ideas. For example hiring a clown or magician. So what makes hiring a party bus an attractive option when it comes to entertaining older kids aged 12 – 18. In this post we take a deeper look and summarise the main advantages below. But before we get into it, we’d like to say a big thank you to a local Perth party bus hire company who donated their time to share their side of the story. The least we could do to return the favour is to give them a shout out here in this very post. So please check out their website at and say we said hi 🙂

So without further a do, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of hiring a party bus:

Party on Wheels

It is literally a big party on wheels! Think of the best party you have ever had and simply add wheels to it. Well, not quite exactly that – but you get what we’re talking about! The buses are equipped with quality sound system and an on-board DJ system. In fact, they even have a sophisticated lighting system that emit colourful lights that will guarantee to please your guests.


Being mobile means your surrounding environment is constantly changing. It also means that you get to see the whole town from the comfort of your seat. So the next time you hire a party bus, just ask the driver to do some commentary whilst driving around. You will be surprised on how talented the bus drivers are! We even heard from one of our readers here on how they discovered that the bus driver had a talent for stand up comedy. When asked how they came to that conclusion, their reply was how the guests laughed at his commentary. So go figure!

BYO Food

Most party buses will allow you to bring your own food on-board. But if you are the lazy type, don’t despair – most party buses will also provide catering. From sausage rolls to delicious slushies, they’ve got it all!

So when all is said and done. What are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour and hire a party bus for your next party!

Here’s a short footage we found on youtube of a kids party in a bus:

Planning a Kiddie Party for the first time

Pretty sure that as parents, you are very excited about organizing and setting up a party for your kid, especially if it is your first time to do it. That is actually a normal feeling. But, do you know that as parents, you feel more excited than your kid? It does not mean that you are thinking like a kid. You are just doing your best to make your kid happy and for the party to be successful.

In fact, not only kids enjoy kiddie parties because even the parents are having fun. Especially, when the hosts already started throwing prizes for the games. The parents would love to see their kids get the prize. There are even parents, who feel bad for their kids after losing the game. Hopefully, parents and kids won’t not take the losing part too serious because the kids were just playing and having fun.

Party ideas for kids
What first timers do
If it is just your first time to host a party for your kid, then do not hesitate to ask for help. We have here a list of tips and ideas for you to consider for your kid’s birthday party.

Hire a clown
Clowns knows how to make the children laugh. They can do some magic tricks and they play with the kids. They also do funny things around. This is one way of catching the kid’s attention. So, if you can get a clown available for the party, then hire one.

Get a Mascot
Children love watching cartoons. They like watching their superheroes fighting with bad guys. And then, of course, winning the fight. Now, if you can get a mascot of superheroes, who can play and dance with the kids, then they will surely love this idea.

Kiddie Games
The best part of kiddie parties are the games. So, make sure that you have games and prizes prepared for everybody. You may let the children play games such as, Trip to Jerusalem, Paper Dance, Stop Dance, Statue Dance and Manikin Dance. The kids will surely enjoy any game because there are kids, who are also playing with them.

Balloons and Caps
Do not forget to give every child a balloon because there are kids, who cry when they can’t get one. Give the kids paper caps, too. Make sure the paper caps have different cartoon super heroes. The kids will surely keep these paper caps as their souvenirs.

Organizing a party for Kids

We were all once a kid and we can’t deny the fact that we had been enjoying parties at home. The moment we see our mom holding that delicious cake, the eagerness to touch the icing on the cake is there. How many wishes have you made? Does your wishes come true?
And then, every time you receive a gift, you wanted to open it even when the party is not yet over. You want to open and show everybody what you’ve got. If you are going to look back at those memories when you were still a kid, pretty sure that you will just laugh at it.
But, now that you already have your own kids, what can you do to make the party successful? Raising children were already a big responsibility and an obligation. A part of that is organizing a party for them when their birthday is coming. Do you have an idea about what you are going to do? It’s easy, anyway. Just place your feet in their shoes or think about being a kid and you will understand what they need for their birthday party.

Organize a kid party
How to organize a party
If it is just your first time to organize a party for your kids, then you really need to seek an advice. You may even ask help from party organizers. But, that is not an ideal option, especially if you are on a tight budget. So, if your budget is limited, then let us do something to stretch that out. We will do our best to make the kid’s birthday party the best. So, we have here a few tips on how you are going to organize this celebration.

Make sure to set some money and buy a cake with candles on it. This is very important, so that your child can have a moment to make a wish and blow the candle. This part is what makes the child have a memorable birthday. You do not need to get an expensive cake from shops. Just make sure to have one with his or her name on it.

Food and Drinks
To save some money, do not buy bottled drinks. It would be best to buy powdered juice and then, mix it with water in a big container. Just prepare small cups for the kids. Get some cupcakes, small bite burgers, sausages, biscuits, potato chips and ice cream.

Just let the kids play on their own. Your budget won’t be enough to buy prizes for the games. But, if you can give a prize, then they may play Trip to Jerusalem and Give me, where you will ask kids to bring you what you want.

Making your kid’s party a success

Do you have a kid, who is celebrating his birthday soon? If you have, then you better give him a party. A child will be very happy if he will find out that there will be a celebration at home. Even the simplest party can make a kid feel that he has the best parents in the world. He will surely appreciate the idea and will feel grateful for organizing it.
Kids are inossent and has pure hearts, but they can sometimes think like a small man. They might not know everything in this world, but they are aware about what is happening at home. That’s why you can’t keep most of your secrets with them. So, planning a surprise party will not always be a surprise because they can feel that there would be a party for them. Kids of today’s generation are like this. Since you will organize a party for the kids, then what will you do?

Party ideas

How to have a successful party
You must know how to host a successful party for your kids. Doing it the first time might be difficult. But, take it as a challenge and do your best. For parents and adults out there, we have here a few tips that you might want to do with your kid’s party. If these tips worked well for other young, then pretty sure that you can make it a success, too.

Candy stick with notes
When the guests enter the venue, welcome them by giving candy sticks. Make sure that their candy stick has a note attached. Tell them to keep that note and return it when they are asked for. What about the note? It is not only the guests, who always give presents. Even the host may give small presents as a means of thanking the guests for coming. The host may ask the kids to return the note and claim their present once the kids are seated and eating their snacks. They may receive candies, chocolates, stickers, toys and souvenir to remember the party. The kids might come from different directions, so tell them to fall in line because everybody will receive their present.

Those are just simple tips that you may also try when your kids are having a party. Through these tips, you can have a simple and a successful party. You do not need to spend too much because no matter how simple the party is, as long as balloons and cakes are there, it would be appreciated. Your kids will surely feel that they are lucky for having such a wonderful family, who supports and loves them.

Treat your kids with full of fun party ideas

When your kids know that you are throwing a party on their birthday or any celebration, they feel excited. Of course, it is because they are expecting gifts and will see friends coming over. In fact, they can’t stop themselves from imagining how much fun the party would be. So, if you were the parents or guardian of this celebrant, then do not spoil his mood.

What party ideas to do
Many parents are career oriented and their busy workload makes them have less time to prepare for the party. Most of the time, they will just treat their kids out to have dinner or hire someone to organize the party. No matter how busy you are, your kids will appreciate whatever preparation you can manage. Why not set up a simple party for your child? He will surely love it. We have here some party ideas for you to consider.

Pool Party in the garden
If you have a garden at home or a space enough to gather kids, then this is a perfect venue to set up. Look for inflatable pools. In such way, you do not need to pay for the location. It is even easier to take care of the kids. Parents of your kid’s friends may even come and would feel more convenient in your house.
You may rent some tables and chairs for the guests. Since you are occupying the space outside the house, then it would be nice to have barbie q dishes. You may have some pork, chicken and sausage to grill. If you do not feel doing that, then why not ask for food delivery services? You may order some pizza and burger. You may also prepare some potato chips, ice cream, cake and French fries. Kids enjoy eating such foods.

Camping in the backyard
It could have been better if you have a backyard, where kids may set up a camp site. Here, the parents or guardians may help them set up their tents. They can bring toys to share with other friends. But, they are not going to cook their own food because the host will prepare various dishes and snacks for everybody.
The celebration may start late in the afternoon so that everybody can enjoy the bonfire and eating mallows, where the oldies may assist them in heating the food before the celebration ends.
Aside from that, the parents will also set up a picnic blanket, where they will sit on to eat instead of using tables and chairs. If you will notice, this is not simply attending a party, where kids will have time to play their own games with friends, but also a family bonding. It is also an opportunity for every kid’s parents to get closer.

As a parent or guardian, doing such things for our young kids would be the best thing that we can do for them to enjoy their childhood. Remember that when they grow older things may change. So, let us all try our best to make a child as happy as he can be.