All About MT Fan Club Blog

The Mike Tyson Fan Club or MTFC blog is a website blog that focuses on kid’s party ideas. We are a team composed of various members, who are youth community leaders, youth organization officers, resident representatives, parents, teachers and young adults. We might have different views in life, but we have a common goal. That is to bring out the best every kid has when they are attending parties.
We are all hoping for kids to enjoy the parties. So, through this web
site blog, we can help by sharing the best concepts, tips and themes for kiddie parties. Seeing the kids happy and having so much fun during the party is what we are all wishing for.
Through our website blog, we would like you to learn something. We care about the kids and we do not want to spoil their party. So, our team members joined forces to come up with bright ideas.
We were all once a kid and some of us are even young at heart. The new generation is even exposed to high tech gadgets and machines, which makes them different from past generations. But, we believe that kids will always be kids no matter what generation they existed from.